*Raine* (mynameisraine) wrote in are_you_fun,

Raine Preston

Age: 15

Location: Trussville, AL

5 Favorite TV Shows:
-dawsons creek
-Family Guy
-Real World
-Road Rules

5 Favorite Movies:
-Jackass the Movie
-My Fellow Americans
-White Chicks
-All the Adam Sandler movies..

3 Songs That Describe You:
-the Young and the hopeless-Good Charlotte
-straight cadillac pimpin-8ball and mjg.
-Counrty girl-DF Dub

If an alien came up to you and told you the earth was going to blow up in 5 minutes and he would take you and 3 other people with you onto his spaceship, who would you bring?:
-no one, i would just stay, cuz i wouldnt be able to live with myself if i let some of my friends die...but 4 that five minutes i would take pics of the aliens so everyone would beleive me...even tho we r all gunna die...

You're stuck on an island with Christina Aguilera, Simon Cowell, Adam Sandler, and Jennifer Lopez...Which one would you mate with? Which one will you kill? Which one will you kill to eat? Which one will you let stay and be your friend?
I would kill Christina Aguilera cuz i dont like her, and i would kill Jennifer Lopez and eat her cuz i wouldnt want to eat Christina Aguilera cuz i dont wanna get some kinda dirty disease. and i would mate with Simon Cowell, and be friends with Adam Sandler.

Weirdest thing you ever ate?

Where are me lucky charms?
in the septic tank cuz u ate them
Say something random:
Something random
Do you think it's unfair that the Trix rabbit can never get his Trix cereal?
yea, i would be mad if i were on a cereal box that they wouldnt even let me eat the cereal, plus if trix is for kids y is the rabbit on the box??

If you could meet any celebrity, who would you meet and why?
Adam Sandler-halarious!
Do you like to par-tay?
5 of your hobbies?
-doin stupid stuff
-talkin to friends
-makin people happy (sumtimes)

Picture! (OPTIONAL: if you don't have one, describe what you look like...):

Finally: Do you rock your own socks?:
yea y not...who doesnt?

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