♥Nikki♥ (persiankracker) wrote in are_you_fun,

i agree with kelly

this place sucks. i didnt even become a member because its so damn dead. later ya'll.
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Wow I'm sorry I don't have enough time to advertise this place and I'm sorry I have this thing called school. Sheesh. It's a god damn community. If your that pissed about it, than go leave this community. No one forced you to join.
Oh I didn't see your entry with your survey. I'm sorry! I thought you were some person who didnt even post an application! I feel so bad now, I'm sorry!
its fine. dont worry about it.
Dude, no worries. It'll pick up. Just wait it out, if you want I can pimp you out and I'll ask a couple of my friends to pimp it too. Than we can get a bunch of people to join and it'll be fun, then all the losers that are un-joining will miss out. :D! *thumbs up*