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...and this is me...applying.

Name: Meagan - Meggie - WonderBread

Age: 17 *18 on 3/6!*

Location: Holton, Michigan

5 Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons, Gilmore Girls, Family Guy, Fairly Odd Parents, and Carnivale

5 Favorite Movies: Miss Congeniality, Stuck on You, Grease, The Village, and Grind

3 Songs That Describe You: Build Me Up Buttercup - totally my last relationship, We Go Together, and Scars

If an alien came up to you and told you the earth was goinSOINGg to blow up in 5 minutes and he would take you and 3 other people with you onto his spaceship, who would you bring?: My bestes buddie Ashley, my bestes male buddie Douglas Lee, and my baby boy Jacob Ronald Hall

You're stuck on an island with Christina Aguilera, Simon Cowell, Adam Sandler, and Jennifer Lopez...Which one would you mate with? Which one will you kill? Which one will you kill to eat? Which one will you let stay and be your friend? Best friend would be Adam Sandler, mate with Jennifer Lopez, kill Simon Cowell to eat him, and just plain kill Christina Augilera

Weirdest thing you ever ate? part of an emu feather.

Where are me lucky charms? If they were up your ass you'd know.

Say something random: shoowop shoowadda wadda yippity boom dee boom!

Do you think it's unfair that the Trix rabbit can never get his Trix cereal? You know...yea. He works and works and never gets anything. Rude bastards!

If you could meet any celebrity, who would you meet and why? Sandra Bullock, she's hott, a great personality on screen and off, funny as hell in a handbasket with some cheese, and knows how to act.

Do you like to par-tay? HELLS YEA KIDDS!

5 of your hobbies? snowball fights lately ROCK ON! singing, partys, computer animation/web design, school

Picture! (OPTIONAL: if you don't have one, describe what you look like...): my icon is my picture. other than that...blonde hair usually curly-ishish, blue eyes, 5'10" im tuckin fall...fair skin, even complexion...i do have more pics.

Finally: Do you rock your own socks?: you bet I do! and right now my socks have little piggies on them. *oink!*

joke i found funny today:
a blonde, after getting ready for her day, placed nothing by shower caps over her boobs, and proceeded to do her grocery shopping.
while at the market, a guy stopped her and said "whats with the shower caps?"
the blonde replies "what shower caps? these are my booby condoms!"

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