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Location: Albany New York

5 Favorite TV Shows:
1. CSI
2. Anything on Comedy Central...i love comedy
3. Family guy
4. Aqua Teen Hungar Force
5. Fuse's Dedicate Live

5 Favorite Movies:
1. Without a paddle
2. Donnie Darko
3. 28 Days Later
4. the Crow
5. office space

3 Songs That Describe You:
1. get low lil jon n the east side boys...
2.somebody told me--the killers
3.i lied my face off--alkaline trio

If an alien came up to you and told you the earth was going to blow up in 5 minutes and he would take you and 3 other people with you onto his spaceship, who would you bring?:
1. my friend sade (shaday)
2. my mom
3. my dad

You're stuck on an island with Christina Aguilera, Simon Cowell, Adam Sandler, and Jennifer Lopez...Which one would you mate with? Which one will you kill? Which one will you kill to eat? Which one will you let stay and be your friend?
Christina-Just to kill idk i think shes get to annoying
Simon-I'd mate with him cause hes rich and could support me
Adam- Be my friends ive always gotten along better with guys than girls
Jennifer-Kill to eat cause her ass could feed the whole damn island :-)

Weirdest thing you ever ate?
-Calimari...aka squid and snails

Where are me lucky charms?
havent got a clue but i bet it has to do with those pesky kids...

Say something random:
Turnips are purple on tuesdays

Do you think it's unfair that the Trix rabbit can never get his Trix cereal?

Actually yea cause i mean look how pale he is...hes STARVING he only wants some cereal and those kids and so damn selfish and wont give it to him...drove him insane.

If you could meet any celebrity, who would you meet and why?
Dane Cook..yea hes not a celebrity but hes a famous comedian and i love him and because hes my "humor idol" i guess you could say.

Do you like to par-tay?
hell yea all up in this place...we be partying all night loooong

5 of your hobbies?
1.i play sports
2.i also play the cello
3.hangin out with my friends
4. work..not a hobbie but an actual thing i have to do
5. shopping

Picture! (OPTIONAL: if you don't have one, describe what you look like...):
i am 5'3 redheaded at the moment but originally im a brunette with natural blonde highlights, blue eyes

Finally: Do you rock your own socks?:

of course i do...and everyones around me.
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